Salem County Fire and EMS Station Numbers

The following is a list of fire station and ambulance squad numbers for Salem County, NJ. This list may assist those scanner listeners who are looking for a quick reference list in order to better understand what they are listening to. As a note, not all of the Inspira paramedic (Life Support) units at the bottom of the list are within Salem County. They are listed here as some of them do provide primary coverage for certain areas of Salem County. Others provide mutual aid coverage.

Station 2Auburn
Station 3Squad 3Pedricktown
Station 4Squad 4Penns Grove
Station 5Squad 5Pennsville
Station 6Squad 6 and 35Salem City
Station 6-1Union (Salem)
Station 6-2Liberty (Salem)
Station 6-3Washington (Salem)
Station 7Deepwater
Station 11Squad 11Carney’s Point
Station 12Woodstown
Station 13Squad 13Quinton
Station 14Squad 14Mannington
Station 15Squad 15Elsinboro
Station 16Daretown
Station 17Monroeville
Station 18Squad 18Lower Alloways Creek
Station 19Squad 19Alloway
Station 21Squad 35Elmer
Station 22Willow Grove
Station 23Centerton
Station 24Squad 24Norma
Station 26Salem County Fire Police
Life Support 1Woodbury
Life Support 2Franklinville
Life Support 3Washington Township
Life Support 4Logan
Life Support 5Salem (Mannington)
Life Support 6Vineland
Life Support 7Bridgeton